Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i'm crazy about it..

without regret, i'd like to say:
i'm not trying to move, cause I realize I stop loving you..
i'm not trying to run, cause I know it won't work..
i'm just trying not to be egoist and childish anymore..
learn that everything I want can't always comes true..
learn about being ignored and accept the condition..
learn how to be mature and contol this feelings..

i want you, not somebody else.
but, when you said you're not like crashing them into pieces.
don't force me to let anyone enter my life.
just don't, cause I can't.
enough for me, to know how stabbing with double knife and make me feel checkmate.

maybe it's better unspoken.
but, i'm try.. to be a strong one..
trust myself could continue my life.
for a better future.


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