Saturday, March 10, 2012


happy sweet seventeen, my beloved YRA :)

um, today maybe unforgettable for me. at morning, I came earlier than usual cause I have to bring a cake for him and also some little gift. I very getting nervous, think he would be doesn't like my ideas.

at the end, when the others also wanna go home, he want to. I tried to make him wait for a minutes, but he start seems not comfortable. really makes me get down for a while, and letting him go. then, others friend talk to me to stop him, and I follow him. I know he already knew about this, so I think he would be angry to me.

but, thankfully he give up and come back.. we can start the surprise, and boys are start throwing 'mengkudu'! yeck, in fact I also get it.

haha, sory boys I can't hold them not to do that..
love you so~ hope you like the gift from me ♥


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