Thursday, September 30, 2010

a series of novels

uh yeah,
I have a series of novels given from my cousin ^^

and guess what? yeah, it's in english *sigh*, that because I write this post in english...

the series is written by Cathy Hopkins. i think I know who is she, but im forget *u know who I am*. It consist of 9 books. here it is:

- Mates, Dates, and Inflatable Bras
A turning point is exactly what Lucy Lovering does not want. Everything is changing around her and suddenly she has to make all sorts of decisions. Everyone else knows who and what she wants to be except her. Izzie has become friends with the glamourous Nesta, and Lucy isn’t certain she likes a threesome. Nesta and Izzie look sixteen, but Lucy at fourteen, can still pass for twelvw-year-old.

But then one day Lucy sees the most wonderful boy crossing the street, and things to do start to change- in all areas of her life...

- Mates, Dates, and Cosmic Kisses
Izzie is cool. bright, and sassy. And when she meets the gorgeous Mark, she’s on real high. He’s devine. And he likes her! But why doesn’t he call when he says he will? Desperate to make sense of things, Izzie spends her time checking her horoscope. And stays home just in case he calls. When Izzie loses her sense of fun, best friend Lucy and Nesta try to give her a reality check. But there are somethings you’d rather not hear...

- Mates, Dates, and Designer Divas
Nesta has met the perfect boy : good looking, fun, sweet. But there are problems, too. Simon’s from a rich, upper class background –with a lifestyle to match- and it’s difficult for Nesta to keep up. And then there’s Simon’s friend Cressida. The ice queen. What can Nesta do to compete with the ultimate Designer Diva?

Not one to give in, Nesta determines to impress the new crowd, but finds herself out of her depth. Luckily she has Lucy and Izzie to help her reassess what really matters...

- Mates, Dates, and Sleepover Secrets
Theresa Joanne (T.J to her mates) is having a difficult year. First her friend moves away, then classmates Wendy appearrs to have it in for her. T.J never felt more alone. Plus there’s some problem with boys : they treat her like a mate and never seem to notice that she’s a girl.

When Lucy befriend T.J, things start to look up. But will Nesta and Izzie also accept her?Will they let her into their world of sleepover, secrets, laughter, and advice?

- Mates, Dates, and Sove Survivors
Lucy seems to bo uot on a limb. Everybody has a boyfriend except her and sice she put Tony on the back burner he’s found someone else. Then on a spa weekend with Izzie, she meets someone who seems just right for her. And he feels the same way about her.

But after while, Lucy starts to feel smothered. Can someone love you to much? Maybe the life of a singleton isn’t bad after all!

- Mates, Dates, and Mad Mistakes
Izzie is restless and eager to be treated like and adult. So she decides it’s time to make some changes. But the new Izzie comes with the new problems. First there is Josh Harper, and older boy who’s cute but wild. Then there is her mother, who is opposed to every pat of the “new Izzie”.
In the procces, Izzie learns a great deal about herself and what it means to be grown up –but not before she’s upset just about everyone along the way.

- Mates, Dates, and Sequin Smiles
Nesta is devastated. She has to wear braces. She thinks that no boy will ever look at her again without thingking of the killer shark in Jaws. And practicing a smile that doesn’t show her teeth isn’t helping. There’s only one option : to become a recluse.

Lucy, Izzie, and T.J. try to help Nesta understand that her looks haven’t changesd, but Nesta’s not convidence. Things change, however, when she meets Luke, who not only restores her convidence in her ability to attract boys, but also introduces her to whole new side of her personality.

- Mates, Dates, and Tempting Trouble
Whe Luke, the boy that Nesta has been dating, declares passionate love for T.j, she doesn’t know what has hit her. She does her best to avoid him, but when the local schools are asked to work together on a project, Luke is chosen as the overall coordinator and T.J. has no choice but to report back to him on a regular basic. Misunderstandings and miscommunications threaten the girl’s friendship and split them into two camps: Lucy and Nesta, Izzie and T.J. Will their friendship survive? And what will T.J’s steady boyfriend, Steve, make all of it?

- Mates, Dates, and Chocolate Cheats
Izzie has always been curvy, but since Christmas she has gained eight pounds, and nothing seems to fit anymore. In an attemp to lost weight, Izzie, tries everything: one diet after another, a punishing exercise program, and every bit ofconflicting advice antone can give her.
Her constant worriying about her weightn causes her to lose her confidience, and she stops appreciating pthe things in her life that very special –her supportive friends, the fact that shehas been selected for a TV teen planel, and a cute boy at the TV studio who seems to like her just the way she is.


There are the other serials of novel written by Cathy Hopkins. “Truth or Dare”. That’s about Mac, Cat, Becca, Lia, and Squidge . These girls and guys are totally tight and totallt obsessed with the game of truth or dare. .. even when it reveals too much.

Read them all! That is :
1.White Lies and and Barefaced Truths
2.The Princess of Pop
3.Teen Queen and Has-Beens
5.Double Dare


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